Help when you need that extra level of experience or accountability.


If you’ve ever felt like you were the only one in the room who could understand your vision, coaching is for you. If you’ve ever needed someone to tell you the truth about a system, process, ministry, etc…, whether or not it would be positive, coaching is for you. If you’ve ever needed someone else to help with some of the day-to-day work of your church so you could focus on what you’re best at, coaching is for you.

We’d be hard-pressed to find many reasons that any church shouldn’t have a coach of some kind on board to be honest. While many see a coach as a “fix” to a problem, we tend to think of it as someone helping keep pace alongside of you, making you just “that” much better every day. Coaching is the most flexible service we offer at Execheo, it’s really just determining your need and building around it.

The Process

Here’s what happens when we come alongside you or your team as a coach:

Step 1 – Evaluation

We know you have a good idea of what needs to happen inside of your church, but we’ll work quickly to assess the needs and propose a plan of action so we are accountable to each other.

Step 2 – Establish a Coaching Structure

Once we start work, we’ll setup a structure with your help of who to coach and how often. While we may be driving some of the deliverables ourselves, we want to ultimately train and empower your team to pick this up and run alongside of us.

Step 3 – Check In Meetings

As often as necessary, we’ll have a check-in meeting with you, and/or your team to make sure progress is happening. If progress slows and more coaching is needed, we want to address that early – or – if progress is quick and there’s a chance you won’t need us long, we’d want to know that too.

Step 4 – Completion

Once the coaching period has ended, we want to follow up with you to make sure we accomplished our goals. Think of this as a “review.” We will help you understand the progress you or your team has made and where to go from there. Remember, our goal isn’t to stay forever, just until you’ve got it and are ready to run as a team!

Need some help at your church?

We’d love to figure out where we can lend a hand! Use the link below to start the conversation.