Financial Analysis

Take a deeper dive into the generosity trends of your church.

Financial Analysis

Each week as you look at how your church responds to your mission financially, something about the numbers and data you see can leave you wondering if you’re getting the full picture. There’s no question, finances follow vision – you can cast it all you want, but do you really know and understand the trends of giving at your church?

Looking at metrics like total offering, total attendance and per capita gifts are helpful, but with a financial analysis, you could understand so much more! Here are a few unique areas to learn about:


  • Giving Unit Breakdown – Do you know what percentage of your church gives at a “high capacity” level vs. “emerging?” Knowing this data can tell you a lot about the discipleship journey at your church.
  • New and Lost Donors – As a pastor, you know a lot about families who join and leave your church family – but – unless you personally look at giving data, you don’t always know when donors come on board.
  • Pace Analysis – Year over year, pace of giving changes in your church. Knowing more about this trend can be helpful in understanding what percentage is on board, or may have questions about your ministry. It also helps you plan for the future, knowing whether or not your giving may be up or down.
  • Pledge Forecast – If you’re ready for a capital campaign, or wondering what you might be able to raise in a campaign, a financial analysis is very helpful information.

The Process

Here’s how we develop and present your financial analysis.

Step 1 – Data

We will work with your finance team to gather anonymous giving data for the past 2-3 years. Most of the time this can be done through your church management or bookkeeping software.

Step 2 – Develop the Report

Once data is received, we run it through our analysis to compile a report for your church. Depending on your needs, we are able to customize some areas for you in this process.

Step 3 – Presentation

In order to fully understand the report, we’ll have a conversation with your church to present our findings and analysis to you and your team. It’s important that you feel “in the know” about the data. From there, the report is yours to share as needed.

Need to know more about your finances?

We’d love to help you make sense of all the numbers! Use the link below to start the conversation.