Strategic Planning

Gain perspective of where you are and how you got here - then - make a plan to tackle what's next.
Strategic Planning Overview:

You have a clear desire to reach those outside a relationship with Jesus, to grow people in their surrendered faith in Jesus, and to impact your community and the world through care and service.  Church leaders have a sense of what should be done, but developing a shared conviction with other staff and senior leadership as to the path forward in the mission can be difficult.  If tangible progress in each of these areas of your mission isn’t moving forward as steadily as you desire, our process of gaining clarity, developing a plan, and executing a clear path forward can be the catalyst to further implement your vision.  Fast movement isn’t always the goal, but forward progress, together as leadership, is key.

Depending on your needs, we design a process that will utilize multiple tools in order to guide your church through nearly three days worth of perspective and planning to help all who participate understand what’s happening in your church, how you got there, and in the end, where you need to go next. These tools not only help develop this shared mindset in your team, but they can become the framework for decision-making in your church for years to come. Once we determine “where’ you’re headed,” we will stay on board to help your teams get started and coach them through the initial phases of work. We currently offer coaching in increments of 8, 16 and 24-weeks.

Here’s what makes this process unique:

  • There is little to no planning needed before the initial meeting from your team. “The knowledge is in the room” – we ask that each member of the team be eager to participate.
  • The process itself and the facilitators are not prescriptive. Throughout the three days, your team is guided through a journey together and in the end decides what is most important. Because of this, your team is 100% responsible for the outcome – there is no consulting or convincing, just the truth in the room.
  • You will have real goals + a plan at the end of your three days together. Depending on your church size, between 2-3 “Implementation” teams will be established. Each team represents an area of your church which you will focus on over the course of the next 12 months. These are real goals, not just ideas – and – you’re empowering others to share in the workload.
The Process
Here’s what happens when we develop a strategic plan together.

Step 1 – The Install

We will help you assemble a team of your trusted leaders and staff to embark on a 3-day journey together. During these days, we will glean perspective in order to form consensus on “what’s next” for  your church.

Step 2 – Implementation Teams

Once you and your team have determined “what’s next,” we’ll form teams to work through these focuses over the following months. Each team has a leader and a timeline for progress.

Step 3 – Follow Up Meetings

We’ll coach your “Implementation” teams as they begin to research and develop next steps toward solutions. Around eight weeks after install, we’ll gather back together on-site to review the progress and launch the work needed to move forward.

Step 4 – Coaching

Once the teams determine the work needed to come to solutions, we’ll continue to coach them to develop milestones, goals and best practices. This continues through the remainder of our partnership together.

Ready to create a Strategic Plan for your church?

We’d love to help you create a plan of action for your church! Use the link below to start the conversation.