Vision Campaigns

Once you have a plan, you've got to make sure you can fund it.


Generosity is key to any church’s mission. Making disciples includes teaching on what it means to tithe and give back to God, what is His in the first place. Sometimes though, there is a need “above and beyond” regular tithes and offerings. When you have work to do that requires additional funding, it’s time to clarify your vision and raise the money.

That’s where we come in. It used to be that these “Capital Campaigns” were difficult and tedious. We’re not saying they’re not still, but we believe that in addition to raising money for your need, this is an opportunity to galvanize the vision you have in and throughout your church family. It’s not just about raising money, it’s about helping everyone understand where they fit into this plan and what they can do to support it. Here are a few reasons we’re unique when it comes to helping you with your campaign:


  • We’ve been there, recently. We’re local church guys who over the past few years have led campaigns to help our own churches fuel their vision for making disciples where we live.
  • We can be full-service, or just your coach. Your campaign will need great insight, coaching and creative materials. We can help you with all of that – or – tailor a solution that works for you and your team. Many churches have great creative resources available within their staff and volunteers – it’s important that you do what’s most comfortable for you, so we don’t take an all or none approach.
  • We’ve worked with many. In addition to serving our own churches, we’ve served hundreds of others in all areas of need. We don’t just view your campaign as an opportunity for you to raise money, we’re in this together to make the best decisions with a wholistic approach.

The Process

Here’s what happens when we do a Vision Campaign together:

Step 1 – Feasibility

We’ll study your giving trends over the past 2-3 years to help you find a reasonable and attainable campaign goal. This isn’t prescriptive, but is based on facts and history of your churches giving.

Step 2 – The Planning Phase

We will help you build your campaign team, then collaborate and plan all of the necessary events, creative pieces and materials needed for you to cast your vision.

Step 3 – Coaching

We’ll come alongside of the senior leader and campaign team as they carry the heavy load of this work. One-on-one phone calls, meetings and emails are key to great communication – which – translates to confidence for the leaders of your campaign.

Step 4 – The Public Phase

These 4-5 weeks are the lifeblood of your campaign and the highlight of your calendar year. We’ll work together with you to make sure your creative elements, communication, events and sermon series are effective in casting the vision.

Ready to fund your vision?

We’d love to help you fuel your plan! Use the link below to start the conversation.