Weekend Evaluation

Get an "outsider" perspective on your weekend services.


First impressions are important. If you’ve been at your church for some time, it’s hard to put yourself in the shoes of a first time guest, to know what they think, how they feel – and – if they’d come back again. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have another “church guy” come out on a Sunday morning, take it all in – then – give you an honest, but educated, opinion of what they experienced?

Each member of our team has years and years of designing services for guests and attendees at their own church. We’ve also spent a good deal of time out on the road helping others, just like you. We’re not there to change you, just to offer the words of encouragement and steps of action you’ve been looking for. Here are a few areas we look at in this review:


  • Parking Lot – Whether you’re big or small, old or new – what do guests experience when they arrive at your church? Is it easy to find your location and when they get there, can they find a great parking spot?
  • Lobby – Guests need to know where to go, who to ask if they have questions, where to drop off their kids. We’ll take an assessment of the walk into the building and next steps from there.
  • Kids Check in and Experience – Is it easy to “get into your system” and would I feel great about leaving my kids with you?
  • Worship Experience – How does your service flow? Are there distractions we see that you have come to think of as normal? Is there anything you could do to make a guest feel welcomed?
  • Insider Language – What does a guest hear that they may not understand? Do you use terminology for a program or step that makes sense to you, but foreign to me?
  • Wayfinding – Is it easy to find what I am looking for, regardless of who I ask?
  • Website – Does your web presence match who you are in real life?

The Process

Here’s what happens when we come out for a “Secret Shopper” visit:

Step 1 – The Visit

We will come to your church for Saturday/Sunday services, anonymously. It’s best if few people on your team know that we’re there. No additional prep is needed. At the end of our visit, we’ll sit down with you and your team for a quick debrief of what we saw and to ask any questions we may have.

Step 2 – Report

We’ll take our findings and compile it into a narrative report for you to use in your church. Each report includes notes, steps for improvement and best-practice learnings. Once the report is finished, we can either present it to your team in person – or – just present it via web/phone.

Ready for a visit?

We’d love to help you figure out areas you may be missing! Use the link below to start the conversation.